Sunday, July 09, 2006

Let merit not reservation win

Hi All,

It is such an irony, that my first post has to start with this controversial issue, that has engulfed our nation in the last 4 months. Well I am not going to express my opinion on this issue and waste precious words, since there have been uproars on the same in blogs, orkut and other online communities (though in vain :( ).

This post is to highlight one of the most hilarious albeit frustrating comment from Mr. Veerappa Moily, Chairman of the Oversight Committee, to implement OBC quotas in institutions of higher education. In an interview to TOI on June 20th, he was quoted saying "The soccer World Cup selection goes to show that when weaker sections are given equal opportunity and access as other sections of the society, hidden talent emerges. It also broadens talent base and facilitates diversity". This argument, definitely deserves a huge round of applause, because he has tried to compare apples and oranges and more importantly, has convinced our news reporters to print it in the Front Page of every newspaper.

The FIFA format is for gaining entry to the World Cup, football's most prestigious competition. Even at the entry stage, within a particular region, the rich compete against the poor and people of different castes compete against each other. Poverty-stricken Albania competes against powerhouses Germany, while smaller city-states like Fiji compete with Australia. The teams which qualify, then play with the same rules, without any quota for "backward" or "poverty-stricken" countries. These teams progress in the tournament just because "they performed better than their opponents". In fact, the SOCCER WORLD CUP as pointed out by an "FT columnist" is charming since it is "witness to the brotherhood of merit", between and within teams.

Mr. Moily's argument is severely flawed and it's very sad that our country is in the hands of such politicians, who have made the caste issue a political football, with the goalpost being some fraction of the OBC vote.

All this just adds to my frustration on the decisions taken by this government. But I'm too small to do anything about it. The only way to vent my frustration (like many others have already done), is to write a post.

Signing off....


Blogger Srivas Ramgopal said...

Very nice article.

Incidents like these are not very rare, Our country has witnessed these stupid politicians from the day we got freedom. Its we who are to be blamed for selecting these
politicians. It's time we give a thought , do I do justice to the responsibility laid on me by the country to select a good leader? Its all about giving a vote, not that a educated person needs to be taught to whom should this vote be given, Its just about casting it.” Its high time we realize our responsibility.


July 11, 2006 11:02 AM  
Blogger Writer said...

1. There is no doubt about your title and content, it is very good and your observation on the comment made by a politician too is commendable.

2. I did not like the start and end.
You say you would not want to give your opinion on this topic because too much of it has already been talked about it and written as well, still, you are going ahead and writing an entire post on a comment that leads to the same topic.
You have written that it is an irony to start your first post with this topic, now what comes to my mind (from a reader point of view) is that - did i ask you to start your brand new blog with this topic.
Your points are well made in the topic but these sentences somehow did not entice me to read the entire post at the first go. I read it later because it was by you.

3. I would like to know your opinion on my comments. Because, even I want to learn from you because I really like the way you think.

July 28, 2006 6:11 PM  
Blogger Srivas Ramgopal said...

Your comments were definitely good. Yup, I agree that the start could've been slightly better....But this is exactly wat i thought when i first sat down to write this....Hence i put my thoughts on paper(which I love to do).

But one thing that you failed to understand is I didn't make a single comment or conveyed my opinion on this reservation issue, but expressed my thoughts on one particular comment by a particular person. That was the purpose of the post.

August 01, 2006 6:36 PM  

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