Thursday, October 26, 2006

Oh Michael!!

Formula 1 will never be the same next year without the biggest name in its history, Michael Schumacher. What a fantastic finish to a fantastic career. All through the last race of this year, the Brazilian GP, Michael showed that he is still at the peak of his skills.

The willpower to retire in style, took him past several obstacles in his last race, most notably, his punctured rear tyre in the 14th lap of the race. After limping half a lap into the pits, he restarted the race at 19th place and then slammed in fastest sector and lap times. And his relentless pressure on Fisichella, forcing Fisichella into a mistake and his special move to overtake Raikkonen, were just a treat to watch.

The fact that in a cricket-crazy country like India, cricket took a backseat, as millions of people were glued to Star Sports on Sunday nite, watching the last race of this season, speaks a lot about this man's popularity in the world.

He didn’t win the title or even the race. Indeed, he didn’t even make the podium. However, Michael Schumacher’s farewell drive in Sunday’s Brazilian Grand Prix illustrated the grit, skill and determination that has made him the greatest driver Formula One racing has ever seen.

Schumacher's F1 career might be over, but true to form, he entertained the world to the last. Oh!! Michael, thanks a lot. You will be missed and F1 will never be the same without you.

Signing off...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good review on the race.
Truly, F1 wont be the same without Michael!

Try to come up with a post at least once in a month.


October 27, 2006 1:50 PM  

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